What You Should Know About Metal Roofing

Beware Of The Fine Print

Roofing with metal is a tried and true way to go, but shopping for insurance with metal roofing is a little more touch and go. The perfectly symmetric lines, colors option, and verity of textures are capable of tickle pretty much any home owners fancy. While the long continues sheets, great resistance to weather and the onslaught of time make metal roofing an easy choice when thinking practically. Just remember, there is a fine print portion of owning a metal roof, the insurance. 

When considering insurance for your metal roof make sure you ask question about how your roof will be covered in the event of hail. Insurers are offering more policies that do not cover marring. Marring is the term used by insurance companies to refence damage caused by impact and is mostly used in regard to hail damage. If your insurer does not cover marring your claim could be dined even though the damage is server and noticeable. 

This might mean you will have to live with unsightly damage to your roof but it could be worse than just visible damage. If the metal is damaged near a penetration it could cause slow leaks. It could also impact the value of the home, because you never know what a buyer will except or what will cause them to ask for a discount. 

Shop for an insurer who cover marring to ensure your home will be protected in regard to aesthetics and functionality.