What To Do Right After A Hail Storm        

In Colorado Springs and surrounding areas the two most common server weather events are wind and hail. It is almost certain that somewhere on the Front Range winds nearing 100mph or hail that is 1 ½’’ or bigger will strike. So, it is important to know what to do when Mother Nature bears down on our region.

The first thing is to go outside once it is safe to do so and have a look around. Look to make sure all your belongings are where they’re supposed to be and not hanging from your neighbor’s tree. Check siding, windows, gutters or any other part of the house that you can see from the ground. While on your inspection keep an eye out for shingles. Remember, the shingles could have come from someone else, but if you have their shingles your neighbor could be finding chunks of your roof in their yard. You can also go across the street to inspect a majority of your roof from a distance. For the most part, wind damage is pretty easy to find.

Hail is a different story though. I have seen Homeowner perform inspection and find very little damage, but in reality the roof is totally demolished. Sound hard to believe, not really and here is why. When hail impacts a roof it punches down into the structure. This causes the small chunk of shingle to stay in place and appear to be only minimally damaged. Think of cutting a hole in a piece of paper then putting it back. Now inspect it form 100’ away. I have also seen grains become totally detached but stay in place for some time after a hail storm. Given time and some more weather the damage becomes much more apparent. Shingle grains and pieces of roof will dislodge and move into the gutters.

The most certain way to ensure that your roof is still in good working order after a hail or wind storm is to call a trusted roofing company like Hail Country Roofing for a free inspection. Our inspection included photos, so you can easily understand the condition of your roof. We will leave you with a recommendation on how to proceed and at 21 point inspection report.