The Cost of a Roof Replacement

The cost of a roof replacement can vary a great deal, but if we ignore some of the complicating factors and just assume a mid-middle-class home installing a standard roof in the Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Denver area we can at least get an idea.

                Before getting to roof replacement cost, I should inform you about a couple of things. All estimates we produce assume a complete roof replacement. That means we are going to remove all shingles, underlayment, attic vents, pipe jack covers, drier vent covers, valley liner and give the roof decking a thorough inspection to ensure we have a good sub straight to nail into. Good roof decking reduces the chance that your roof will blow off in high winds and avoids someone entering the house through the roof. Trust me, if you work roofing long enough you are going to hear it all.

                Now, let me explain some basic math. The major cost factor in reroofing is the shingles. We calculate the quantity of shingles needed using a roofing square (sq.) as our unit of measurement. One roofing square is equal to a 10X10 area. The average home is about 23 roofing squares of material. The average cost per roofing square is $550. If we assume a complete replacement for a house that measures 23 sq. @ $550.00/sq. we get a total of $12,650.00 with taxes. This price includes everything we need to replace the roof. This is going to be the sweet spot for most insurance claim replacement cost values (RCV).

                Regardless of your reaction, it is important to keep in mind this a very rough estimate. There certainly could be discounts offered or cheaper option, but the high end roofing option could be 2x, 3x, and even 4x more expensive. There are roofing types where the labor alone is $320.00/sq. and the materials are equally breath taking.

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