Elastomeric Roof Coating​
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Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric simply means that it has elastic properties that allow it to stretch then return to its original position with out damage. Once dry many elastomeric roofing coatings have incredible elasticity up to 500% the original shape. This fact contributes to the popularity of these products in climates with wide temperature changes.  

Elastomeric roof coating is sold in buckets and requires liquid application. There are several step that must be taken before applying the coating but application is about as low tech as it comes. After the roof is prepped the liquid roofing is poured out then spread with rollers or is sprayed on while under pressure. This makes for a fast and clean project that can often be applied to the surface of the existing roof. 

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Prep. for Success

There are a wide verity of roof coatings on the market. Each one having advantages in any given situation, but no mater what type is used they all need to be applied to a well prepared surface. 

The first step is to locate and repair any weak point in the current roof system. We take this step first to eliminate any water intrusion during the cleaning process and to add additional strength to already compromised areas. A generous layer elastomeric roof compound is applied to the area the a polyprene fabric is applied. 

Next the surface will be cleaned with a pressure washer and scraped in particularly difficult areas, such as around drains. If the roof has granular material applied to the surface all loose grains must first be removed. Now the roof must dry thoroughly before any further steps can be taken. It is important to make sure no moisture is present on the surface of the roof or any layers beneath to roof. Cores of the sub-layer might be taken and tested for the present of moisture. 

The leading cause of coating failure is poor surface preparation. By taking every step possible to ensure maximum adhesion will provide a durable, leak free roofing system for more than 15 years. 

which type is right for your project

There are many different verities of elastomerci roof coatings and they vary in price, surfaces they can be applied to, elasticity, tensile strength, aged tensile strength, and solid mater content. For us to know how best to help you we would have to take a look at you specific situation and understand what you are looking for in a roof coating. 

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