Pros Of Asphalt Shingles

Why Do Asphalt Shingles Dominate The Market

Asphalt shingle are by far the most common roofing solution for most homeowner and builder. Asphalt shingle are an American innovation and were created in 1903 and grew to over 11 million squares of annual production by 1939. The attractiveness of asphalt roofing is clear for many reasons.

Ease of installation is one reason for the products popularity as it requires very few tools to install and maintain. A simple set of metal shears, hammer, razor and nails is all one really needs to complete simple repairs and small jobs. Larger project are best completed with the help of pneumatic nail gun and air compressor.

Training new crew members is easy and efficient as the process is so repeatable. Some areas of the roof will require special attention, but can generally be overcome with some thoughtfulness and planning.

Lastly, asphalt shingle are light compared to most other roofing products. Meaning, they don’t require specials architectural techniques or addition materials to support the roof. This keeps cost and construction labor/time to a minimum, while offering reliable roof drainage for decades.
Asphalt shingle are an ever evolving produce that has meet the needs of builder, homeowners, and installers for more than a century.