Pros and Cons of Clay or Concrete Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing

Pros and Cons of Clay or Concrete Tile Roofing:

The beauty and style of clay or concrete tile really is unmatched. This roofing system has been know to last for hundreds of year given the right condition and proper maintenance. There are many other roofing systems that do there best to mimic the beauty of tile, and while they are quality systems, they fall short. But, as with most thing in life certain jobs require specific tools.

Tile roofing is by far the toughest system on the market. It creates a ridged plan that can stand up to 3″ hail with only minor repairs. The tile themselves act as a natural insulator, and can be installed in way that allows air to flow between the tiles and roof deck maximizing comfort and efficiency in the harshest of heat. The fire rating can not be matched, while the style and majesty tile brings your home is simply unobtainable by anything else on the market. All of these spectacular benefits can your for the low low cost of really dam expensive.

Tile is a costly material to ship, purchase, and install. The repairs require true craftsmen and that kind of know how is difficult to find. Many companies will not even consider visiting your property to repair a tile roof. There is also extra cost in construction. To bear the weight the structure needs more wood and engineering. In reality this roofing system is just not practical for many situation and better options are ready available.

For all your tile repair, tile installation, and tiles maintenance give Hail Country Roofing a call to get started. We do all things tile and can even match very old or no longer in production types and styles.