Our Founder

Hail Country Roofing & Gutters is a full service hail restoration roofing and gutter contractor. We were founded in Colorado Springs and have move both North and South to service most of the front range region of Colorado. Our founder Joshua Seale holds a B. S. in Geology from University of Texas. Joshua also has an Honorable Discharge from USMC and carries many of the values he learned in the Marines to this day. The values he learned in the Marines and from family that told him he could form his own company to make better experience for the client. 

While Josh was cutting his teeth in the roofing industry he observed that all roofer exist on a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum you’ll find roofers who will not work with the insurance company, leaving the task totally up to the homeowner. This is particularly costly to the homeowner because they might not be able to get the needed funds to cover the cost of restoration. This method seemed lazy and risky to the client. Thus, the decision to work directly with insurance companies was made. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum you will find companies who have build their entire business on getting the maximum amount possible from the insurance company. This will unnecessarily length the supplemental process and cause your home to go unrestored for month after month. Asking the insurance company to pay for things that were not needed seemed dishonest and greedy.  

By seeking balance in the supplemental process Hail Country Roofing & Gutters will supplement only for what is required by code or was simply missed by the insurance adjuster. This means that when we supplement a claim we are +95% likely to get everything we ask for. Leading to fast and complete project for the homeowner with nothing out of packet but the deductible. 

Roofing Personalized Quote With Josh Seale

Our goals for every project

Hi, I am Joshua Seale and I’m the owner and operator of Hail Country Roofing & Gutters. I have built my company with the goal of achieving balance for all members of the project triangle. What is a balanced project triangle? A balanced project triangle is a three-member team that works side by side to ensure the project is pleasant, informative, and successful. The members of the team are:​

  • The home owner
  • The contractor
  • The insurance provider

​So, what happens when balance is achieved and the project is completed? Each member walks away satisfied and accomplished knowing they were respected and validated throughout the process. On the opposite end, while we always make sure we leave our clients with a quality product that will look great and last for years, I know that is not the sum of a successful restoration. When the triangle is out of balance, one or more members feels that they have wasted their time and they gave more than what they received.

Hail Country Roofing & Gutters aims to make sure all members of the process understands their role in the process and lives up to those expectations. Listed below is one of examples of what happens with a balanced triangle:

  • A good contractor knows that a roof replacement is not a common event in the life of a homeowner. It is his responsibility to maintain good communication with the homeowner and inform them on how to prepare for the restoration and what to expect; but it is certainly the homeowner’s responsibility to take the advice given to them and prepare for the restoration process.
  • A good contractor is responsible for communicating with the insurance company to supplement for necessary code improvements or line items on the original insurance estimate; but he will not waste his time by asking for supplements without providing a justification (code references or evidence for the supplement).