Residential & Commercial Metal Roofers of Colorado Springs

We are dedicated to giving the best services for residential, commercial, and industrial roofing. We use the highest-quality metal roofing materials.

Providing High Quality Metal Roofing Services in Colorado Springs

Hail Country Roofing & Gutters can handle most any size commercial metal roofing project with care and efficiency. When deciding to invest or restore your commercial property we understand you can’t shutdown your day to day operation till our roofers are finished installing your new roof. We work hard to listen to our commercial property owners to understand more about your business. So, we can ensure that our work is as minimally invasive as possible. We can find the best solution regardless of the type of business operated out of your commercial space. From office buildings to high traffic retail, to schools and daycare. We will take the steps to ensure customer, tenants, or employees are safe and have a pleasant experience.

Why We Partnered With Metal Sales

Every time Hail Country Roofing partners with manufactures we do so with the intent to make your home improvement project a success for the long term. Metal Sales is a nation wide metal building manufacture. With 21 plants in 17 states they are capable of handling any size project with quality and efficiency making them truly one stop shop for all things metal in the construction industry. Bigger is not always better but when it comes to what Metal Sales has to offer they are hard to beat. Metal Sales has unsurpassed paint warranties, customer service, and a fantastic website that will help you and your Hail Country Roofing Representative investigate a wide verity of option.

Standing Seam Vs. Exposed Fastener

It is true that the roofing industry is the lowest ranked in customer service of any industry in the US. It is also true that 80% of new roofing companies are shutdown after only two years of operation. Why is it so hard to find a good re-roofing company? The reason is that so many roofers out there thinks that this business is just signing a deal, ordering materials, hiring labor, and repeat this cycle. This might be okay for a one man company, but the second the company attempts any growth, the company will begin to have problems. It always ends with frustration for everyone involved. Our construction process enables us to separate from the roofing wolf pack. In the early days our company grew slowly. Our founder Joshua, did not allow new salesman or take on every single project he could have signed. This is because he realized the importance of planning and defining a quality construction process from the first inspection to issuing our warranties. It was only after he felt the company had a well defined workflow did he allow other salesman help to grow his business and make their contribution to an ever improving construction process.