Is a Metal Roof the Right Roof For You?

Metal roofing can be exactly what you are looking for in a new roofing system. Metal roofing offers a unique look that just can’t be matched with any other roof type on the market. The long straight lines and clean finishes look purposeful and neat. The longevity and low maintenance of a metal roof is also quite unmatched when buying a system with concealed fasteners. Metal roofing also offers the best fire rating that is second only to tile roofing. With all these advantages a metal roof could be exactly what you’re looking for.

                The look of a standing seam or metal panel roof is very different than any other roofing system on the market. If you are someone who likes a modern look with lots of straight lines metal is what you are after. This roofing system comes with different styles some with more lines and some with less. There are types of metal roofing with very tall seam profile, but some option have a seam profile that can barely be seen. There are a great number of color option to choose from that can complement any color choice that can be imagined. I have personally seen property owner install one color in the field area, while choosing a different color for the ridge and edges. For them is worked out very nicely once it was all installed, but make sure you have a good sense for color and what you are looking for. The unique looks of metal roofing can only be matched by it one of a kind performance.

                Metal roofing is probably the most water resistant of any roofing choice that is not commercial grade. Tile and shingle roofing both allow for some water to get under the roofing material to some extent. Tile is particularly bad allowing as much as 20-30% of all precipitation that lands on the roof to run down the underlayment and flashing. This level of water penetration can cause flashing and underlayment to degrade with time causing service calls.

I had one client with a tile roof that was still in good shape, but the metal flashing after 30 yrs. of service was failing in multiple locations at once. After the second time this occurred she made the decision to replace the whole roof and opted to install a shingle roof instead. The reason flashing on a tile roof rust and falls apart is because the tile hold water and moisture on the roof and does not all the flashing to drain the water quickly. When it comes to degradation of metal components it is all about how long they will stay in contact with water.

                In the case of metal roofing, water is drained as quickly as possible allowing the roof to stay dry. Meaning, flashing on a shingle or tile roof will start to fail after 20-30yrs. a metal roof can last and last without suffering the woes of time for most metal roofing.

                Metal roofing that has exposed fasteners will start to fail once the rubber gasket degrades. This process generally takes 10-15yrs. This type of metal roofing is called metal panel roofing or pro-panel. The roof is secured to the building by a screw with a rubber gasket that seals the hole created by the screw once installed. This general requires a service call where the property owner will be given the option of replacing the screws or use tube sealant to reseal the existing screw.   

                In our area and up in the mountain fire has to be a consideration. Metal will offer great protection and is vastly superior to any sort of asphalt roofing. In fact, the only roofing system that’s better is tile, because of its ability to insulate wood decking from embers that land on the roof. Still, metal will not burn and is only going to allow the fire to spread with prolonged exposure. The heat actually has to ignite the flammable material under the metal.

                Metal roofing could be a great roofing solution for just about any one shopping the market, but does play to a certain buyer with particular tastes. If you’re considering replacing your roof for your next home improvement project metal should at least get a serious look. No matter what kind of buyer you are metal roofing has something appealing to offer.