GAF Natural Shadow A More Affordable Option

Is Your Roof Putting You in a Pinch? We have a Solution.

GAF has brought to market many creative products that give a top shelf appearance, but are sold at more affordable price. One such produce is GAF Natural Shadow. This product has the same look offered by laminated shingles and is offered in all of the most popular colors by GAF.

With Natural Shadow GAF is looking to fill a niche in the shingle market by allowing for the same laminated look of Timberline HDZ but at a similar price point of a 3-tab shingle. GAF achieved this by reducing the fiberglass mesh of the shingle by close to 43% and then simply passed along the savings.

Natural shadow will not offer the same longevity as a traditional 30 yr. shingle, but can help out homeowners in a pinch when there are few attractive options available. If you are facing a surprise roof replacement without the help of the insurance company; Natural Shadow by GAF could be a great option for your roofing needs.