F-Wave Product Review

What Is The Best Roofing Product For You

F-Wave roofing products have been on the market since 2015, and have really mixed thing up. According to the company they have a solid Class IV impact rating and from what I can find they don’t claim to go beyond that. I do however, hear reviews form installers that they can take 3” or even higher hail impacts. One reviewer even claimed they should be class VIII.

If that were true it would make them literally the best product on the market and not getting them installed would be a huge misstep. There is a problem with those claims that becomes obvious with just a little critical thought. At 2” hail stones under the right conditions can pernitrate the shingles, underlayment, and decking. At 3” the only thing that has a chance is a clay or concrete tile roof, but why?

The answer is the rigidity of the tile. Ridged tiles spread the impact of a 3” hail stone across a larger area of the roof protecting the wood decking underneath. Any product that is not ridged cannot claim larger then a 2” hail stone and if you hear that politely F-Wave them off.

F-Wave does have a unique look and that could be a great reason to buy, but save yourself some money and disappointment by investing in an impact resistant shingle form GAF or Ownes Corning and get the same protection for half the price.