Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing In Colorado Springs

At Hail Country Roofing & Gutters in Colorado Springs, we understand that nothing is more important than keeping your business running safely and efficiently. Whether you are in need of a full commercial roof replacement, repair due to severe Southern Colorado storms, or debating between commercial roofing options for your new commercial building, our experienced roofing professionals are here to help. We believe in providing every client with remarkably transparent information when determining the best roofing system or repair needs. All of our commercial roofing services are executed in a timely, cost-effective manner so that you may get back to serving your customers and keeping your employees safe. 

Commercial Roof Installation

Protect your investment by securing the perfect commercial roofing system for your commercial building. Connect with our certified commercial roofing experts to learn which roofing system is best for your budget, durability, and stylistic needs.

Commercial Roof Repair

Severe storm damage can take a heavy toll on your commercial building's roof. It is important to have any roofing issues taken care of as soon as possible before the damage becomes costly or forces your building to shut down due to roof repairs.

Commercial Roof Replacement

If the integrity of your commercial roof has been damaged beyond repair or it has reached the end of its lifespan, then our commercial roofing professionals are able to replace it effectively and efficiently so you can get back to business as usual.

Types Of Commercial Roofing Systems

TPO Roofing

Commercial TPO Roofing

TPO roofing systems are ideal for commercial buildings looking to reduce energy consumption while utilizing sustainable measures.
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Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is a low-cost, energy-efficient, and durable solution for commercial roofing needs. It allows owners to save on cooling costs.
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Low Slope

Commercial Flat Roofs

Low slope roofing options are very popular among commercial buildings since maintenance is easier with walking-friendly roofs. Commercial flat roofs are ideal for tight budgets.
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Commercial EPDM

Commercial EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofing is a cost-effective commercial roofing solution due to its easy, lightweight materials and installation.
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Torch Down Roofing

Torch Down Roofing

Commercial torch down roofing systems protect against leaks, UV rays, and fire damage.
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Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims

As a business owner, the last thing you may want to add to your to-do list is filing an insurance claim for your building’s roof. Whether you need to file an insurance claim for hail damage, wind, leaks, and more can all require an insurance claim. At Hail Country Roofing & Gutters, we are proud to provide professional insurance claim assistance. Our insurance claim process involves a comprehensive inspection, documentation, and claim filing. We are your partner throughout the entire insurance claim process; we conduct on-site meetings with the insurance adjuster to ensure we are on your side and that your business is covered. We understand how important it is to get back to business and safely protect your customers, your team, and your investment. 

Commercial Roofing Experts

Our team of certified, courteous roofing professionals is proud to connect with business owners across Colorado Springs to provide commercial roofing services with integrity. We respect how hard it is to manage a business and protect one of your biggest assets — your commercial building. Damage to your commercial roof often leads to closing business for repairs or replacement, so call our team for efficient and effective roofing services.