Commercial Claim Assistance

Commercial Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

As a business owner in Colorado Springs, you have likely experienced the overwhelming sound of hail hitting your commercial roof. While you wait out the storm, the sigh of relief from the sound easing up is often replaced by a daunting feeling trying to determine the level of hail damage. It is important to promptly connect with a professional to inspect and document the damage to your commercial roof. At Hail Country Roofing & Gutters, we are proud to provide experienced roof damage inspections, documentation, and insurance claim assistance. Our roofing professionals will always advocate for you and your investment so that you receive a proper settlement that suits the needs of your commercial roof. We understand the importance of efficiently and effectively inspecting your roof, filing an insurance claim, and repairing your commercial roof so that you can safely get back to business. 

Roof Damage Insurance Claim FAQ

Severe storms in Colorado don’t take long to cause issues to your roof. It is important to have your roof professionally inspected after a damaging storm. Here are some tips to help determine if there may be damage to your commercial roof:

  • Roofing materials, such as shingles, are scattered in the parking lot or near the building. 
  • Check the end of the downspouts for a build up of roofing grains. 
  • Nearby metal objects such as mailboxes, cars, etc. have damage.
  • Window screens on your commercial building are torn from the storm. 
  • Neighboring buildings, homes, or cars are being repaired due to the storm. 

Connect with our team as quickly as possible so that we may properly inspect your commercial roof. We will provide comprehensive documentation to be utilized for your hail damage insurance claim. 

If the buildings or cars that neighbor your commercial building have hail damage, then it is very likely that your roof took on damage as well. 

During the comprehensive roof inspection, our experts will provide thorough documentation for your insurance claim. If there is not enough claimable damage, then we will point out issues that may grow to be problematic so you are prepared. 

We strongly recommend booking a professional commercial roof inspection at least once per year. Professional commercial roof inspections identify easy repairs before they become huge, costly issues. 

Commercial Roof Insurance Claim Process

A roofing professional will thoroughly document all issues with your commercial roof.

A representative will provide the commercial roof damage for your insurance provider.

Your insurance company will issue a claim number once your roof damage is filed.

An experienced professional will negotiate the best possible settlement outcome.

Expert Commercial Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

When a Southern Colorado severe storm damages your roof, it can lead to costly repairs and even loss of business during the time it takes to get your business back up and running. We understand that as a business owner you are managing a lot to keep your employees and clients safe, so we are committed to satisfying commercial roof repairs in a timely manner.