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Need help with an Hail insurance claim?

When working with your insurance company, it is important to keep in mind that there is a natural conflict of interest that exists with all insurance companies. While an ethical insurance company wants what is best for you and your investment; it also wants what is most profitable for the company. Which boils down to one question “How to ensure our policy holder is satisfied but is not paid anymore on a hail insurance claim than necessary?”

On the surface this question seems far for both sides, but do you know how to ensure you are getting what is best for you and the protection of your home? Considering all the different roofing products, processes, and features when restoring your home it is no wonder our clients want their Hail Country Roofing & Gutters Representatives to be involved from the very start of the claim process. Our vision is perfect home restoration and our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Hail Country Roofing & Gutters is a start-to-finish hail damage restoration company. We are with you all the way through the process. Starting with an initial inspection to close the claim and requesting final inspection from Pike’s Peak Regional Building Department. The steps to complete a roof restoration are many and can be very frustrating for the inexperienced.

Hail Country Roofing & Gutters is known for our client education on the hail insurance claims process. The steps below are for your benefit, so please take a second to skim through the process. We say ‘skim’ because our trained representative will walk you through each step and answer all of your question.

Need help with an Hail insurance claim?

1. How do you know if a new roof is needed for your property?

There are many variables that will determine if hail actually damages your roof. How big the hail is size the most obvious factor, but how hard, was it driven by wind and what shape all mater. Here are some of the way you can tell whether or not you should be concerned. 

  • Do you see shingle granular material on walk ways and/or driveways
  • Check the end of the downspouts for a build up of roofing grains. 
  • Did any metal items on the property show even slight dents. (mailbox, vehicles, vent covers)
  • Look at the window screen on the side of you house the storm came in on. If you see window screen with rips then you should have a professional look. This is the most obvious sign of hail damage. 
  • Finally, are your neighbors getting inspection or roof replacements?

Our Recommendation: Play it safe and ask for our free inspection

2. Now that your representative is at your property and has inspected the entire exterior of your home for damage it is time to talk about what has been found:

  • If there is not a claimable amount of damage, your representative will point out any issues with the property that might become problematic in the future and leave you with a detailed inspection. It is a good idea to have regular home inspection (at least once a year) to identify small issues before they become big problems.
  • If there is enough damage to file a hail insurance claim your representative will offer to help you with this on the spot. Your insurance provider will want details of the inspection. These notes are then given to the adjuster to help with finding damage. It is important to get them all listed.
  • Your insurance company will issue a Claim Number. This number is very important, it is your reference for all the work that will take place under that claim. Please keep this with you records and share it with your representative as he will need it when working with your insurance company on your behalf.

Congratulations! Your hail insurance claim has been filed. Soon after filing the claim, an adjuster will come to examine the damage to the property. Your representative will always offer to be present for the adjustment. This is the best way to ensure you are properly represented during the adjustment process, and your claim is approved for the best settlement possible.

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