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Roofing Warranty 15 year
9-12 Post Build Inspection Roofing
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Your Roofing Experts

Hail Country Roofing & Gutters is a veteran-owned roofing company that is local to Colorado Springs, licensed in El Paso County, Pueblo County, Douglas County, Jefferson County. We specialize in all types of roofing both residential and commercial.

​ With a high quality of work, years of experience, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim for providing you with the highest value roof installation every time we work on a roofing project. As a GAF Certified Contractor, we have the expertise to provide you with all your roofing needs and we can provide our customers with exceptional warranties that are only available through certified roofing contractors.

​Our Roofing Contractor Principles

Hi, I am Joshua Seale and I’m the owner and operator of Hail Country Roofing. I have built my company with the goal of achieving balance for all members of the project triangle. What is a balanced project triangle? A balanced project triangle is a three-member team that works side by side to ensure the project is pleasant, informative, and successful. The members of the team are:

  • The home owner
  • The contractor
  • The insurance provider

So, what happens when balance is achieved and the project is completed? Each member walks away satisfied and accomplished knowing they were respected and validated throughout the process. On the opposite end, while we always make sure we leave our clients with a quality product that will look great and last for years, I know that is not the sum of a successful restoration. When the triangle is out of balance, one or more members feels that they have wasted their time and they gave more than what they received.

A Dynamic Roofing Service aims to make sure all members of the process understands their role in the process and lives up to those expectations. Listed below is one of examples of what happens with a balanced triangle:

  • A good contractor knows that a roof replacement is not a common event in the life of a homeowner. It is his responsibility to maintain good communication with the homeowner and inform them on how to prepare for the restoration and what to expect; but it is certainly the homeowner’s responsibility to take the advice given to them and prepare for the restoration process.
  • A good contractor is responsible for communicating with the insurance company to supplement for necessary code improvements or line items on the original insurance estimate; but he will not waste his time by asking for supplements without providing a justification (code references or evidence for the supplement).