When Should You Ask for a Free Roof Inspection?

In my opinion, it always a good time for a free home inspection from A Dynamic Roofing Service, but if you are not the sort of person who is proactive about home maintenance, here are some helpful rules to follow and things to look out for:

A Good Rule: Get a free home inspection at least every year. If you call Dynamic Roofing Service to help you out with the inspection, we will leave you with photos identifying problem areas, a report, and our expert advice. Armed with information, you will be able to deal with minor issues in a very cost effective way and if a more serious issue exist on the property we can certainly help you out with repairs big or small.

Something to look for: Colorado is prone to catastrophic hail storms that can pummel large portion of our state. When you are in the middle of the storm and it is very obvious you have a hail claim on your hand, you are, in a way, at an advantage to a homeowner who was on the fringe of the storm. Homeowner on the fringe of a major hail storm will often have serious damage running into tens of thousands of dollars and not even know it. This put them at risk of not being able to take advantage of the coverage offered to them by their insurance. Listed below is a quick checklist of things to look for if you have been hit by hail and are uncertain of the amount of damage.

  • Are you seeing roofing granular material on your drive way or walkways?
  • Take a look at some of the metal outside of your home, does it show small round dents?
  • Look at the window screens on all sides of the property. Do they have small vertical rips or rips near the bottom of the screen?
  • Are you seeing discoloration on the ceiling?
  • Are your neighbors getting roof replacements?

If you are seeing any one of these very common signs of hail damage, you should give us a call and see if you are in need of restoration.

Something you should consider: The real estate all over the front range of Colorado is red hot right now and you might be thinking about getting in the action. Great! We would like to help. When getting ready to sell your house, it is important to do some research to find out what you are getting into. Getting a home inspection before calling even calling a realtor is a good idea, because trying to get a home listed when you don’t have any idea what it will cost to get the home ready could be a waste of time and money. So, before you even look for the perfect realtor to help you sell your house, give us a call and find out all you can before taking the next step.

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